Start By Investing In Brands You Love With LikeFolio!

Seeking help of a financial analyst is so passé. With LikeFolio, you do not have to be a Wall Street investor to make sound decisions. It gets you ready to take on the financial world by providing you data on the brands that you like and talk about the most. This platform discovers consumer trends and gains full access to powerful social data on companies, brands, and influencial people.

In simple words, with LikeFolio learn everything from the basics of investing to statistical analysis of social trends and consumer shifts.

Start By Investing In Brands You Love With LikeFolio!

Meet The Swan Brothers!

LikeFolio is the brainchild of brothers Andy and Landon Swan.

As a team, they have started and sold two other Fin-tech companies. Most notable was mytrade that was acquired by TD Ameritrade. Their whole idea of conceptualizing and co-founding LikeFolio was to help individual investors interact with and learn about the stock market in a different and more personal way.

The X-Factor!

LikeFolio discovers powerful investment opportunities by tracking consumer enthusiasm for the brands and products behind tomorrow’s hot stocks.

This platform does this by searching all of English-speaking Twitter for mentions of the brands and products that roll up to publicly traded companies. It then takes all of that data, analyze it for volume, sentiment, and influencer opinion in order to find unique investment opportunities due to surges in real-world demand for products.

On The Problem It Is Solving!

The issue is that most people do want to invest but do not know where to start from. The real problem is that they are disconnected from Wall Street. They see headlines about troubles in Europe or moves by the Federal Reserve and they just get bored.

Well LikeFolio is here to take investing back to its most basic form, i.e. putting your money behind the brands and products that you like in real life. The team thinks it’s the most natural and rewarding way to invest.

The Inspiration!

“We wanted to connect people to stocks via the brands that they already talk about and “like” in real life. What better way than to see what they post about online?”, says the team.

Start By Investing In Brands You Love With LikeFolio!

On Road Blocks & Contenders!

The team through LikeFolio is processing over 400 tweets per second. That’s a lot of data. Coming up with the technical solution to create SIGNAL from that data was very difficult, and is something the team still remains committed to improving throughout the life of their business.

Further, the team’s main competition is the old way of thinking about investing i.e. turning your money over to a manager who supposedly “knows better than you”. LikeFolio is here to empower the users with information that will make then much more effective than overpaid Wall Street analysts.

On The Journey Ahead & Intended Users!

“We see a lot of demand from hedge funds and enterprise clients for our data, so that’s definitely one angle we are pursuing. But most importantly to us, we want to continue to help individuals do three things: Discover, Learn, and Profit from the investment opportunities that surround them in their daily life”, says the team.

At the moment, LikeFolio is typical targeted at women in their early 30’s. This is unheard of in finance, and the team is really proud to be reaching a new audience in this industry.

On Monetizing Plan!

The team is monetizing LikeFolio in a few ways. These include lead generation for new brokerage accounts, trade signal data for hedge funds, quant funds and active traders, and enterprise API access for media/app companies looking to add brand/product social data to their displays.

In short, LikeFolio lets you invest in brands that you talk about and like the most. With this platform you do not have to be a financial guru to make sound investment decisions.  

Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team of LikeFolio was kind enough to offer our readers with an exciting offer. Signing up with them prior to Feb 15, 2015 and receive an invitation to join their new product — LikeFolio Pro– FREE FOR LIFE (normally $995/year) when it launches at the end of February 2015.

To sign up now and to know more details, do visit:

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