Stand4 entrenches the paradigm shift in charity!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

We surely have come across the feeling of sanctity within us, while helping others! It’s a rumour, that we need to partially forfeit our lives to follow good deed like charity. When most of the industries are approaching embellishment and tectonic technology shifts, charity is still the old school model on snail mail and 1-888-DONATE. The increasing demand to outshine the social cause laid down the pavement for Stand4.

Stand4 is a responsible platform that gives the long overdue charity and social good a makeover. Now helping non-profits does not  require to spent 10 extra hours of time or the ability to write a check for every charity that needs funding. Thanks to Stand4, it’s way more simpler than it was. Stand4 is all about making an impact no matter what resources are available to you.


Stand4 is the proud brainchild of Andy Hill, the CEO and Manish Hirapara, the CTO. Andy is an all rounder with financial, entrepreneurial, and marketing knacks. Andy’s first venture was sophomore, a social media-marketing firm that represented brands such as Domino’s Pizza. The firm averaged a 10x increase in brand awareness and a 15% reduction in marketing costs across the board.

Manish Hirapara has inculcated adequate knowledge while helping start-ups rapidly grow and bring to market innovative software solutions. This helped him learn more about scalability in the enterprise world, helping both the world’s largest mortgage service provider and the second largest online retailer build their technology platforms from the ground up. Manish also co-founded and managed Enaptive, a software company focused on online and mobile solutions.

“We thought, with the right tech, we could make it a helluva lot easier to make your mark on the world,” expressed the co-founders.

Putting together the business model and demonstrating the value the Stand4 offers to potential users was the most challenging hurdle faced by the co-founders.

To state the fact, millennial mostly socialize via mobile yet 84% of charities aren’t mobile compatible. The era demands for PayPal payment rather than writing a check, yet 20% of charities can’t accept donations online. People want to witness their impacts and be recognized for their support, but the concern is 79% of charities don’t provide any personalized follow up with the donor. The Stand4 App resolves all this problems and helps in making the charitable pleasurable and easy for users.

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“We truthfully feel we do not have any competitors. We believe we are pioneering the way charity will be done for many years to come. We see big things for Stand4. The growth to become THE app where charity takes place is our goal. Our brand partners sponsor everything. They believe their advertising dollars can make a significant difference if allocated correctly, so they leave it up to our users to choose what impact is made,” revealed the co-founders.

Brands are able to sponsor plenty of different types of stands and stories. To sponsor a stand, brands are charged a 4¢ shipping and handling fee + a donation amount of their choice (these can range from 10¢ to $10 per stand). 100% of every donation goes directly to charity. Currently the target audience are the millennials from all walks of life. The users of Stand4 are contagiously increasing through five continents.

Quotes by the co-founders:

“Stand4 is the social network for social impact. It’s a place where users can discover the causes they care about, support them in multiple ways, and see their entire footprint on the world in one place.”

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