Pollseye provides reliable reviews on Products!

The godfathers of Pollseye, Abhinav Sree, the CEO and Ashwin Nath, CTO took their call to break the monotony and dropped engineering to follow their aspirations. They started a sms-based search engine called Innoz. It’s worth knowing how they managed to make a way from literally starving to clocking a yearly revenue of $2 million USD in its fourth year.  Pollseye is the third venture in the row that is again proving to be a smart business.

Pollseye enables the users to share product reviews via 30 second video. Users are rewarded for likes they receive and get to unlock badges. Experts’ (highest level) posts are promoted to all the users of the app.

Quotes from the Co-founders:

“We want people to express their take on things through videos to help make the world more transparent and informed.”

Pollseye was comtemplated the co-founder realised the need for a rich yet user-friendly platform that provides reliable review of the product by the user’s itself. While booking a hotel as per written review, we all have landed into bad experiences. The reviews are oversized at times. It was totally opposite to the rosy picture we were shown while reading a fake review. Pollseye saves you from such deceptions.


“There is no one place for authentic reviews on products and services on mobiles. We want to guarantee authenticity by being a video only platform. We strongly believe in the power of user generated videos. Ours is a unique approach utilizing the collective expertise of people and empowering everybody to make better shopping decisions.” expressed the users.

People currently endorse and rant about their product experiences on Facebook or Twitter. There are others working on social commerce, but that is not close to what Pollseye is aiming at! MikMak, a start-up selling products through short infomercials is probably the closest competition for Pollseye.


Pollseye has the potency and is relevant as long as people keep shopping and seeking reviews for those products. The plan is to release the iPhone app by the mid of September 2015. The natural next progression will be to incorporate brands and make Pollseye an official feedback channel for brands, e-commerce sites, etc. And finally it will entrench into a shopping site for the users. These incorporation of brands and merchants will give an option to the users to buy products after reading the review.

Hurry! The first 100 users to unlock the rookie badge (10 points) get e-commerce gift cards.

To know more, visit: http://www.pollseye.com/

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