Howler Teases The Funny Side Of You!

Being around funny people is so much fun! Forget Caesar, comedians are the real heart rulers. Comedy is that one thing I bet no one can ever resist laughing and loosing a chance to stay happy. The tinkling of humour is indeed contagious. If you are the witty one, we believe Howler is your humour dashboard.

Howler is a collaborative joke writing and social laughter site for Hollywood 2.0. The palette is a brand new way for comedians, writers and performers to create unique one-liner jokes. It gives them the comedy stardom over internet. New celebrities are renowned directly amongst their fans and Howler gives them the fanatics they need to showcase their talents.

It is a joke-writing tool asks its users to set up a joke and invite others to finish the punch line. The unique one-liners are voted. The best jokes rise to the top where they can become internet famous and can go viral hopefully.

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Meet The Humdingers!

 Mike Hince – Co-founder

Mike is currently a freelance UI and UX designer working for international start-ups.  He has also worked for grand entertainment brands such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. The entrepreneur was former Art Director in the first Star Wars Celebration event outside of the US, Celebration Europe.

His ardour for tech products and an impeccable career in designing among other things like large inflatable Death Star that now resides in the LucasFilm archives, makes him the man of the show.

Martin Saunders- Cofounder

Martin, a seasoned entrepreneur and proficient digital product designer started his coding career since he was a nine-year-old kid.  His first website was launched back in 1998 and ever since then he built over 300 digital products for clients including pop-stars, big brands, TV chefs and number of start-ups.

As a developer, Martin excels at iOS development. He has integrated apps that have proudly topped the app stores of over 30 countries.

 Inklings On Howler!

“I have always had a keen interest in comedy, growing up on shows like Bottom, Blackadder, the Young Ones, Alan Partridge, and Spaced. When I first noticed start-ups like kickstarter taking the crowdsourcing world by storm I thought that we could do that for comedy,” expressed Mike.

Howler is the key is to connect comedy fanatics and discover new talent, help them grow and introduce them to collaborators.


The Fun Factor!

Howler is a humour indulging web app that brings comedy fans together to share jesting creativities. The founders are looking forward to embed Howler into the comedy circuit as the ‘goto’ website for engaging with comedian fans on a creative level.

“We want to be known as a site that will hug your sense of humour no matter how bizarre.”

The comedy market over internet is splashed with one-liners, images, videos and all sorts madcap to roll in the floor. Comedy sites like Funny or Die stands as major competition for Howler. YouTube & Vine are also focused on videos.

Chortle and Cards Against Humanity are the big comedy listings site that is more a gig listings and news site. Comparatively, Howler is a blank canvas that lets its user do all the clowning.

 The Lingering Features!

Howler is currently running its beta version. It will be drawing curtains on a new site and an iOS app in April.

The upcoming site has a neat UI, which would feature login, share, and convenience in creating content. Instead of thumb voting, it will have unique emoji voting system.

With the launch of new site, it will embark on trending jokes, jokes that become popular based on world events.

Howler certainly has the potential to be a go-to place for reading and sharing funny content. It is emerging to be a community of exceptional joke writers, who are aspiring to find work in the industry by being spotted on.


The Monetization Model

The revenue model includes publishing, advertising, and merchandising the content.

Publishing the interesting and unique content as ebooks and printed coffee table books is the core value to the business.

Howler is the user base of comedy fans hence it will be easy  promoting gigs, selling tickets, introducing new comedians to highly targeted fans.

Public and Private jokes will create lots of content, having a joke written about you by your friends and then printed onto a t-shirt or mug is a great gift and a merchandising strategy.

To know more about it, checkout their website:


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