Presentation Hero Academy Helps Get Rid of Bad Presentations!

Don’t we all dread making presentations? The process is complicated, extremely time-consuming and the pressure to deliver it with a powerful punch is all the more nerve wrecking. Also, the sinking feeling in your gut before you address a room full of people and the thought of making someone yawn while you are presenting it, makes the process even more nightmarish.

“It’s so hard to communicate because there are so many moving parts. There’s presentation and there’s interpretation and they’re so dependent on each other it makes things very difficult.” 

Keeping this view in mind, Presentation Hero Academy is here to turn you into someone who delivers presentations with elan, confidence and empathy. It is your ‘Chemical X’ that will truly morph you into a true presentation hero. In short, this online application is out with a vengeance and is on a mission to annihilate and rid the world of bad presentations.

Presentation Hero Academy is Here To Rid The World of Bad Presentations!

Meet The Vanguard!

Conceptualized and founded by Matteo Cassese, Presentation Hero Academy is here to help bring out the presenter in you.

Matteo is a consultant and entrepreneur passionate about innovation. After working for bigger corporations, teaching at university, launching and collaborating with various startups and running a successful consulting business for 3+ years, he decided to focus on sharing his impressive presentation skills with the world.

Your Very Own Presentation Mentor!

Matteo is on a mission to save the world from bad presentations. Presentation Hero Academy is an online presentation course. It comprises of engaging video lessons linked to a community of learners and experts where you will learn how to create presentations with one powerful, universal blueprint. It lets you prepare kickass presentations and deliver it with a powerful statement in order to catapult your career, business and reputation to new highs.

Lack of effective communication is lethal. With this app, Matteo is on a quest to provide you with the right tools to communicate your messages in an impressively effective and beautiful way. Presentation Hero Academy urges you to use storytelling that will enthrall the audience and compel them to stay hooked on to every single word you say.

The solution is not new but the way Matteo presents it to the world is unique, simple, powerful and – most of all – effective.

The Inspiration!

I’ve always struggled with presentations, but over the years I found various ways to better my skills. But the world around me did not improve in the same time. This is why I set out to teach the skills I learned to individuals and companies”, says Matteo.

Presentation Hero Academy is Here To Rid The World of Bad Presentations!

On Road Blocks, Competitors & More!

This is not Matteo’s first startup and having experienced failure before has helped him tremendously in keeping a tight budget and in focusing on proving his market the value proposition first. However, in terms of Presentation Hero Academy his biggest hurdle was creating his first product.

In terms of competition, any company that is providing training in public speaking and presentation are competitors. However, for Matteo they are also an ally in the sense that they align with his core mission i.e. to rid the world of bad presentations.

Additionally, at the moment, Presentation Hero Academy is mainly targeting single professionals and organizations that use presentations internally or externally in Europe and North America.

So want to be the next presentation wizard that magically whips out impressive presentations time and again? Then this website is your bible. Get onto the courses and impress everyone around you with your presenting prowess.

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