‘Propose it’ platform helps you communicate your woes to your politicians

We come across many issues everyday, what do we do about it? Mostly, your answer would be nothing. right? When US Army veteran Joe Gorham, saw that most of the people voice their opinion over a social media post about something that irked them that day or something they feel that needs to be changed, they get a little bit of attention, but nothing more is done. The reason being their complaint won’t be seen by a politician who would take action. Joe Gorham started “Propose It”, a platform for people who need a way to get their voice across to the concerned authority who can fix the issue. It also helps them build awareness on community issues.

“I am a person who is passionate about issues in the united states. I am an entrepreneur at heart and co-own a renovation business in ohio. Our platform will bridge the gap between users and politicians. It will provide user friendly tools that will enable someone to build awareness for an issue in their community, promote support for an issue, share that issue or cause on social media, and our website will be able to get issues and solutions to those issues directly to the politicians in the position that can make the changes our users want.” Joe explains.


Propose It‘ would provide great set of tools that people can use to propose a solution/cause, promote it, build awareness, allow people to vote on the solution/cause, then the platform connects their solution/cause to the politicians that can make the change happen. Joe adds that they are doing something that has never been done before, that is creating a personal connection with politicians and promoting transparency between voters and politicians.

Joe was inspired when he was deployed overseas, seeing many people back home dealing with issues from gun control, taxes, immigration, state funding, he felt that he had to do his bit in improving the city  that he lives in, and much more.

“I sat there one day watching the GOP Debate and I was shouting at the tv my ideas I had that would fix the issue the politicians were talking about. Then it hit me. Has there ever been a website that links social media, voters, and politicians and allows the users to put their voice/ideas/concerns right in front of our politicians? I couldn’t think of one. Facebook and Twitter are close but they are to generalized. My website’s idea was create to give the people in America the power to get their concerns addressed, organized, promoted while building support, and to get them heard”, he adds.

He sorted out how to organize the whole process and manage it. Raising the funds to build the website is a challenge, as it involves a lot of stages and then problem of planning on marketing it were some of the challenges he faced. But later, he found a team of enthusiasts who are helping him build the website.

‘Propose It’ which was started in Ohio, aims to be an apolitical site, which doesn’t support or favor any political party, but rather opens up the communication between the citizens and the representatives of the government. In creating this idea I did not favor any party or candidate. “I wanted to create a level playing field for the people I relate to. The hard working American that deserves the changes we need”, says Joe.

He would allow users and politicians to purchase ad space to create revenue for the upkeep and marketing needed after the website has been running for a while. He plans to use rest of the money to give back to the communities that need it badly for school supplies, school programs, veteran assistance and to support other causes from groups that are like-minded.

Visit: www.proposeit.us , to know more.


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