PublishSoSimply makes it simple to publish things

If you are a content marketer, you will inevitably produce a lot of multi-page documents like white papers, guides, manuals, reports, bulletins and the like. In most cases you create a document using Word, PowerPoint, or InDesign and save this document as a .pdf file. You can then put it onto your web page or send it via email – but you still can’t share it on social media, you can’t analyze the readers, you can’t add videos, Infogram charts, Google maps, or other embedded elements. These documents are not SEO friendly, there is no simple solution that would allow you to collect subscribers. And the biggest downside here is the fact that your document is not responsive. PublishSoSimply enables you to implement all of these things for your content. PublishSoSimply is all-in-one solution – you can use its easy-to-use drag and drop editor to create a document. You can insert each content format you want: video, images, texts, embedded element, links. Thanks to their technology, documents look good on all devices. In one go, you publish to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Each document has a link, so you can share it on social media or add to your webpage. You can read it in all browsers. You can update you content every time and analyze readers’ behavior. With PublishSoSimply, you have access to the whole process in one tool.

Michał Majewski is an entrepreneur and communications specialist, and co-owner of the PR agency inACT in Poland. He has created many reports, guides, white papers, and company magazines for clients. Michał had previously worked in a communications agency and even then he knew that there should be a better way to create marketing docs than “save as a pdf”. So he started to think of  how to make it better – there was no single solution that would be satisfying, and he wanted to change that. He talked about this idea with Anna Cieślak, who also worked in communication, and Dawid Wiener who is a startup owner and design specialist. Together, they built a basic first version of their tool last year, and then were selected to the first Polish edition of Orange Fab. It helped the team to validate their idea and build a partnership with Orange. Thanks to this cooperation they showcased their product at Demo Days in Paris and Tokyo, before being selected this year for the Start-Up Chile acceleration program. Part of the team moved to Santiago to work there. Based on user feedback, the platform was rebuilt before a new full version was launched last month.


PublishSoSimply launched at the end of June and their growth right now it very promising. Their next step is to get satisfactory traction and revenue – the market is huge. The initial market would be content marketing specialists, but almost each company uses multipage document for promotion, and every year they will need more mobile-friendly documents. And so there is huge potential for growth. Right now, they focus on content marketing specialists and inbound marketing specialists – they’re looking for one, very specific market: companies which are frequently producing reports or guides featuring Infogram charts or videos – this is the target group. The first customers have been mostly other start-up companies and marketing specialists, but they also have some sign-ups from the education sector, since PublishSoSimply is helpful in this area. Competitors include software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Issuu; there are a few companies out there that have a similar product in some way or the other. The biggest challenge is to convince people to resign from the .pdf and start to use PublishSoSimply – but the power of habits is strong. That being said, there is some potential for adoption, as test markets have shown that there is openness towards using new tools. PublishSoSimply’s competitors don’t get that the world changed and people need place where they can integrate many types of content. And that’s why they are more focused on integration with other tools. Right now PublishSoSimply is free, but will implement payments soon – it will be subscription-based business model.

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