Samsung Galaxy Gear VR to be priced at $200

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Samsung’s prototype Samsung Galaxy Gear VR ‘Innovator Edition’, is set to release in December, has a provision to hold the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which acts as the device’s display.When you Slide the Samsung smart phone into the Gear headset, and the headset’s lenses stretch and magnify the phone’s flat screen across a wide field of view, making the wearer feel like they’re in an immersive environment.

The headset would cost around $200, and when bundled with a Bluetooth Gamepad, Samsung charges them $249, Samsung’s virtual reality partner Oculus VR mentioned it in a blog post Wednesday. But for users who don’t have a Galaxy Note 4 smart phone already they are supposed to buy one, the total cost to experience virtual reality with the Gear VR will be at least $300 to $800 more expensive.

The Gear VR Innovator Edition isn’t a fully fledged consumer product — instead, it’s a stepping stone device aimed at developers and other virtual reality enthusiasts so they can design software for a consumer-grade model that will be released later. It’s unclear if the consumer version of the VR will come at a different price point, but $200 would make the Gear VR a full $150 cheaper than Oculus VR’s current non-Samsung device.

The virtual reality company Oculus VR was bought by Facebook in a $2 billion deal that closed over the summer. The Gear VR, a partnership with Samsung, was first announced in September.

Oculus also announced Wednesday that users can now download the Oculus Mobile SDK, a software platform that developers can use to make apps, games and other functions for the Gear VR.

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