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Say you want to design an app, but don’t know how to code.  Or you just hate coding, and want a visual template for your apps, whether for Android, iOS, or Windows.  Savah App is a design and prototyping tool to quickly build interactive, high-fidelity app prototypes for any device, without the need for writing even a single line of code.   It’s a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen, allowing design teams and start-ups to create prototypes for web and mobile apps. With Savah App, you can either drag and drop designs files manually or upload directly from your Dropbox account to transform their designs images into interactive prototypes that just feel like a real app on any device. They can share these prototypes with a single click to their team and/or clients to get their visual feedback. No more emailing your design files back and forth; instead, you can effortlessly invite your design team/clients to your projects where they can review and contribute. Upload new versions and compare them visually side-by-side. Savah App’s intuitive and interactive comment interface lets users pinpoint exactly the element in each screen that they want to comment on. It’s a new approach that puts you in control, makes your life easier, and saves you much-needed time.

Savah App was created from a frustration for not being able to streamline user-feedback and put ideas and thoughts together within an agile environment.  The team behind it believed that this process should be simple, fast, and intuitive but it wasn’t. The web and mobile app process is broken – designers and  design agencies are all designing apps, but the problem is that issues get realized only when it is too late, products have been built, and both time and money have already been wasted. Design communication is very messy and confusing. After stressing for months on the problems and talking to other designers and design agencies, the Savah App team started to realise that it was not just them who were experiencing the same problems.


The Savah App team comprises of four talented individuals, together having the commitment, dedication, and entrepreneurial drive to enrich the experience for designers. Athar Majeed, the CEO, holds a strong technical skill-set – with more than 10 years software industry experience within the financial, marketing and design sectors. His core responsibility includes product development and day-to-day business operations in Savah App. Athar is an innovator and creative thinker who has the ability to plan, coordinate and organise effectively. Carmel McGowan is the marketing manager, and is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships. She holds a strong entrepreneurship background and has successfully completed her PhD in the same subject, as well as having more than seven years of marketing experience, and has held many marketing roles. Carmel specialises in B2B inbound marketing, customer validation and market research. She is very passionate about disruptive start-ups, entrepreneurship, and technology. Sharon Oh joined Savah App last year as their designer. She holds six years design experience, and her core responsibility includes improving the overall user-experience for Savah App. Omer Shahzad joined Savah App right at the beginning, having eight years of experience working as a developer. His core role includes looking after all the front-end technologies and ensuring that the application is more responsive and interactive.

Savah is helping designers to put together user-flows and navigations for their web or mobile apps within a few minutes, without writing a single line of code. In this way, they can engage their clients right from the beginning of the process and therefore, start iterating from week one, based on the feedback from clients and teams, rather than when the product is finished. In this way, users can go to market quicker and receive user-feedback right from day one. Savah provides integration with other third parties like Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Jira and many more. Savah directly competes with, and

Savah allows users to encrypt and integrate their own storage, and makes the design collaboration process even simpler by allowing users to share links for fast and real-time feedback. Savah bridges the gap between their competitors by providing users the best of prototyping, as well as design communication. In this way, users can use one platform for design communication and for validating their ideas. Savah App’s mission is build once and test on all real devices and enabling users to think through complicated user flow without getting bogged down in layers of code.

Savah was launched in July 2014 as a private beta, and since then, they have been working continuously to bring their business to the next level.  At present, they have an office in the UK, and plan to open one in the US sometime later this year. They are targeting to start-ups, design agencies, brands and creative teams. In terms of location, Savah is mainly focusing to grow their user-base from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia; although they already have customers from all over the world.

Savah has not yet launched their payments, but they should be available shortly.  They will be offering a free package with up to three projects with unlimited collaborators and design files. Their paid packages come with premium features such as encrypted storage, download code, and export PDF project with feedback, among many other things.  And for all new customers, Savah App will be offering the first three months of their paid package for free.

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