Scripbe Urbanizes The News Network

Social Medias have boomed the web world to its extreme edge. Thanks to the makers, now connecting with people and accessing information is a cakewalk. The emergent news delivery is finally, socialized and reformed. Scripbe is here to refurbish the way you read news.

Scripbe is a prevailing social news platform designed for both readers and editorials with a sole purpose: to connect every student newspaper together. Once signed up, users create a user profile and can follow other users and Papers. I bet the app would boost up your news habits.


The team who carved it all


David Moore
Dan Harrell
Andy Becker

David Moore – Founder and CEO .He is also a UIUX & Brand Designer with experience in designing data-driven applications.

Dan Harrell – Co-Founder & CTO is also a Technology Executive with 20+ year’s experience. Focused on strategic technology investments that accelerate business potential

Andy Becker – Co-Founder & VP Engineering and senior software engineer with 25+ years experience in commercial software. Andy has specialized knowledge in high performance, long-term server applications.

Dylan White and Taylor White are the Senior Software Engineer.

Why Use Scripbe?
Scripbe revolutionizes the importance of news. Scripbe’s user-centered design is build upon a mobile-first infrastructure, allowing users to access content from mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Scripbe gives news editors the ability to create, collaborate, and publish stories from any device in real-time.

The Scripbe news feed displays stories from verified Papers that you follow in reverse chronological order. Stories with the highest social engagement (boosts, favorites, comments) from the community will make it to the front page. The Front Page of Scripbe is an algorithm-driven feed displaying the most popular stories, journalists, and Papers from around the nation.

Unlike popular social media and news sites, only approved news organizations can create a Paper and publish news on Scripbe. It is designed specifically for editorial teams, the social newsroom allows a Papers staff to create, collaborate and publish all in one place. Unique to Scripbe, users can publish fully written stories, 160 characters updates, photos, and videos.

teens playing with cell phone
The Evolution

“In 2013, the idea came to us after reading a few news articles that summarized how constant educational budget cuts are challenging high schools to decide whether or not to continue having a printed paper, whether they could afford an online hosted paper, or even cut their journalism departments altogether”, said David Moore-CEO .

What better place to start than high school news, as they are active with social applications, struggling with budgetary constraints, and very active with mobile as a platform.

Articles that sparked the Idea

The Added Features

Scripbe evacuates the problems that the journalism and news industry continues to experience. Out of nearly 25 thousand high schools in the US, over 90 percent of them, publish news online or printed, resulting in public and private education spending over an estimated ten million dollars a year in hosting and printing costs.

Journalism teachers and students spend a considerable about of time fundraising and selling ads to support their newspaper. By allowing student newspapers a free and social platform, we hope to alleviate all budget concerns and pressures from schools and let them refocus on journalism.

The team has built technology for the titans of industry; this technology has always benefited business. It leverages the power of social technology and alters to motivate, inspire, and encourage students to participate in journalism.



CMS tools like WordPress are biggest platform competitor. Social media like Facebook, Twitter are direct competitor, rather competing with them for readership”.

Moving Ahead

The current focus is to engage all of the high schools to create the largest aggregate of high school news in the U.S.

“We have already been approached by many high schools outside the U.S., colleges and universities requesting to join Scripbe; but we have some changes that we would like to make to the application before we make this expansion. This is a logical extension of the current technology and increases our readership substantially.

The Potential User

Scripbe is designed for journalists and readers of specific communities. The application is basically integrated the high school goers,where mobile and social media are heavily used. It seems inevitable that this concept of a “creditable news community” will evolve and attract other social areas including colleges, communities, businesses, and blog groups.

Schemes on Monetization

Scripbe will offer a multifaceted commercial strategy, mixing elements of locally sold advertising (for which the school / publication will receive a revenue share), appropriate (for the community) on-line advertising, and subscription-based, premium services.

The bottom line is that the magic of news is boundless and plays an imperial to reform our lives. Scripbe brings  communities to inform, engage, and interact with their readers.

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