Pranks are a lot more fun on SexyPranky!

Jordan Succar wanted to prank his friend Florent, who is an “Amazon addict” and gets packages shipped to his office almost everyday. Jordan sent him a little surprise from France “with all the love”. As Florent received the package, to his surprise, it was too embarrassing! He soon became famous at his office. His manager and co-workers couldn’t help laughing when they discovered the package. This small idea of playing pranks and embarrassing a friend led to the finding of SexyPranky!download

In Jordan’s own words, SexyPranky “basically ships a really embarrassing package to your friends. That’s  it!”. Ask Jordan if he faced any hurdle, he mentions “logistics”. SexyPranky aims at having one of its victim  in each and every office! Their target users are the folks who want to prank someone in a “really funny and  original way”.

Jordan acknowledges that there are other “amazing” prankers like in  the market.

How does SexyPranky make money? Well, they charge $12 per package.

Check out their website –


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