On VoiceCandy Get Comfortable In Icebreaking With Strangers!

The newly launched VoiceCandy has made its place between SnapChat and Tinder. It is starting to build a new trend for the bashful to express better! VoiceCandy is a great way to get a new outlook and find the like minds.

VoiceCandy is revolutionising the way Londoners are breaking the ice and meeting new people. It lets it’s punters to ask customized or self-created icebreaker question and hear spontaneous replies from people nearby. VoiceCandy is free to download and currently available for iOS. The app is also available to use on iTunes now.


Meet The Virtuoso!

The team of VoiceCandy is balanced as well as diversified. Manvir Nijhar, Mark Alexiou and Jasmir Nijhar  and the co-founders of VoiceCandy.

Manvir is a successful investment banker, who has invested in quite a lot of start-ups. Mark, being an award winning nightclub owner is an eminent personality to know about. Apart from being the Head of EU Search Experience for Ebay, Jasmir has marvellous entrepreneurial traits.

The VoiceCandy team is a proper blend of technical skills, business ethics and marketing strategies. The passion for the contemplating a phenomenal start-up is the driving force for VoiceCandy.

On Inklings And Hitches!

The common problem of introverts and ambiverts, which is the majority across the world, is reluctance for approaching new people around. The dilemma is how to strike the right conversation? The tongue-tied moments both official and social, are the most often encounters of missed opportunities.

The idea to create something that could expunge the awkwardness while looming out with the strangers, making the situation more comfortable to understand each other. VoiceCandy is endeavouring to put an end to missed opportunities.


“It definitely took us some tweaks to get the user experience just right but we’re really happy with the product now – but that’s not to say we won’t develop it more in the future!” expressed the founders.

The Game Changer, VoiceCandy!

It breaking new grounds to triumph over the psychological barriers and convinces to meet other users in their location with similar interests and enable them to make genuine friendships, hopefully.

It’s a free app! Unlike other apps, hearing someone’s voice makes the connection feel more natural. There are no options to edit your voice or over think replies so it is much more spontaneous and authentic than similar networking apps.

The indulging app launch in London but it definitely has the potential to be rolled out across the UK and internationally. Larger cities with diverse populations and culture would be an obvious fit for VoiceCandy.

“We may potentially monetise it later by organising offline meet-ups for VoiceCandy users.” stated Manvir, the co-founder.

To know more about it, checkout the webisite: http://www.voicecandy.com/

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