South Delirium Is Showcasing Ecuadorian Fashion to the World

Incubated in Vancouver’s Launch Academy, South Delirium is a startup from Ecuador that has grown 600% in the past six months. The service allows local fashion designers, merchants and emerging brands to sell their products to a global audience looking to get a taste of the beautiful Ecuadorian apparels and accessories.


South Delirium is the first lifestyle marketplace of Latin America and instead of casting a wide net like other e-commerce sites of the region, the site targets a specific audience – connecting with the fashion loving crowd on an emotional level. They are set to offer an extensive assortment of products like Amazon but taking a curated and targeted approach like Urban Outfitters. The company allows merchants to supply products and takes care of the display, promotion and distribution. The designers and merchants are charged a percentage of the completed sales which is adjusted based on the inventory rotation of the item – the more you sell the less percentage you pay.

An eclectic fusion of the traditional and the contemporary; take a look at what the talented designers from Ecuador have to offer:

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