Splitzee- The Finance Management Gizmo For Teams!

It was rightly stated by Tahir Shah, “With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.” Teams have the united power to make one’s life socially awesome. But there is always an other side of a coin. It is obligating to catch up with team’s fiscal affairs. This is why Splitzee has come alive!

Splitzee’s tool helps the teams to pool money and manage all the details in one place: collecting funds, making reimbursements, buying things, and handling all the social aspects like reminders, transparency and trust.

Splitzee is an all-in-one tool that collects and disburses money from a wide variety of payment methods. Which means team captains doesn’t have to be a bill collectors anymore.


Meet the Prodigies Behind Splitzee!

Luke Peterson and Michael Sattler are the co-founders of Splitzee. The entrepreneurs have had their own share of frustration while managing fiscals as a group. Luke was paying the bar tab for his ski weekends and Michael was the team manager for his kid’s sports teams.

Being a part of the team is rather blissful but the ecstasy turn into a herculean task when money comes into picture. Michael’s complete 15 years of credentials in payments and product design brought in the outlines of Splitzee, to solve the issue of money managements.

Pitching Into The Market!

Those peer-to-peer systems like Venmo and PayPal, they only help with a small amount of the problems on what teams actually face. Crowdfunding tools like Kickstarter had some interesting traits for collecting money from the VCs.

After intensive work with a wide range of early adopters, Splitzee’s current platform brings the best of both worlds, and adds a host of innovations of its own.

Concisely, Splitzee has solved the integral problem of managing group money, bringing it all in one place. The procedure of organizing, tracking and processing the funds for a team takes up to ten different tools. Let’s say Facebook for communications, Excel for tracking, email for messaging and platforms Venmo and PayPal for transaction processing. Splitzee coagulates all these features in a convenient interface.

TeamSnap and RosterBot, the team management tools indeed cover a bit of the fiscal tracking. While GoFundMe and Fundrazr do a good job with public fundraising. The biggest block is the old-fashioned way of collecting physical checks and cash and keeping track on a spreadsheet.

Work In Progess!

The team pro, Splitzee is currently solving the problem for recreational sports team. To forecast amateurs, college youth, clubs, social groups are a natural next step.

Americans spend more than $20 every year as groups, and someday Splitzee could be the ubiquitous money-pooling platform for everyone.

Splitzee charges a monthly fee plus 5% for all funds it processes.  Eventually, the plan is to charge a commission to merchants who sell products as group purchases through the platform.

Readers, the good news is, teams that sign up during our launch period will get their first year’s subscription fees free.In addition, for one out of every 100 teams that sign up by 31st March, it will pay the season dues (up to a $1000 value).

To know more about it, checkout the website: https://splitzee.com

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