TruQu provides a transparent platform to find trusted professionals

TruQu is a reviews platform for professionals. Where you can find well experienced professionals. Since, the ratings are said to be done in a very transparent way, it makes it easy to work with the best talent available in your country or elsewhere. 

Founded by Bart Kollau, Eelco Veltenaar, and the technical side of things are managed by Michel Rijnders (CTO )

Bart Kollau is an entrepreneur, who loves to explore new areas, paths no one walked before. He started several companies, but he never put himself in the center of it, he is  on the look out for people who are better and can set up revolutions in business. His team consists of three developers and some of his colleagues in customer support. Together they form TruQu.


“You can find reviews everywhere. Scooters, Hotels, Shoes etc. Except reviews for professionals, consultants, interim managers, lawyers, sales&marketing people etc. TruQu is the first review platform for professionals”, Bart says.

Bart ran a consultancy firm before starting TruQu. He realized that their consultants were never transparent about their performance. Bart saw that companies who wanted to hire freelancers could never search and find someone based on quality and performance insight. So he thought, why not start a review platform for professionals.

“We are very early in the market. Not everyone loves transparency. So, still some people do not appreciate our service, while they know they will have to use it. So, we had a lot of “no’s” from the people in the beginning.” He adds.

The problem is that the market for professionals is not transparent. The other problem is that companies who hire professionals do not have a simple overview of the quality of a professional. Truqu offers a low entry scalable software platform for reviews of professionals.

Accroding to Bart, LinkedIn is a direct competitor to TruQu. However, TruQu specializes in reviews and their software is open for LinkedIn. But not the other way around. Bart believes that they are more of competitor for LinkedIn in the future.

“We are now based in the Netherlands. In 2016 we will enter the USA, India and hopefully the Russian and Chinese market afterwards”, he says.

Their target audience are Professionals mainly. According to Bart, they have a global user base. Now, mostly from Netherlands, but in a few years they hope to welcome “friends” all over the world

Bart says, “We are already making money. We have a working business model. We sell our platform and data to companies. Currently, One of the biggest insurance companies of the Netherlands is paying for TruQu. We have a business model in which companies pay for data. In the future we will also offer premium paid services for individuals.”

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