Tell Your Professional Story With Sumry!

First Impressions are the Best Ones…. then why are we denied the chance to make our resumes more elaborate in a way that best tells our professional stories? The present day redundant rule of a one page resume is just not enough as it fail to mention anything but just a list of places we have worked in along with empty endorsements.

Come one, in order to build stronger professional relationships, network or to even apply for that dream job, there has got to be a way wherein the ice-breaker or ‘about me’ is kickass. Well to give you this very opportunity, there is a new online application in town called Sumry. Like the name suggests, it is a perfect storyteller that summarizes your professional tales in the most impressive manner.

Tell Your Professional Story With Sumry!

Meet The Power Team Behind Sumry!

This app was conceptualized and co-founded by Sebastian Kade and Nate Hanson.

Sebastian chips in with strategy and product advisory and currently takes care of backend development while Nate takes care of sales, marketing, strategy and product advisory and pretty much runs Sumry. Their team also includes Hayden Bleasel who leads engineering, design and product development.

Know The App Better!

Sumry in a simple, beautiful and unique way lets users tell their professional stories online that can be then used for anything from applying for jobs, networking to much more. This app is the resume of the modern world. It is here to foster authentic and genuine professional relationships in a typically dated and corporate environment.

On The Problem It Is Solving!

Sumry is here to revolutionize the way we think about resumes and applying for jobs. Most importantly it lets us tell our professional stories in a clean and beautiful profile that is accessible from everywhere at all times. In simple words, Sumry helps you create a profile that focuses on your life events, personality, characteristics and values rather than cheap skills or empty endorsements.

The Driving Force!

“Sumry was inspired when we realized that the resume was broken and that people were sending out this archaic representation of themselves when applying for jobs. We believe that who you are is more than where you’ve worked, and that your story — your unique life events — shapes you into the person you are today”, says the team.

Tell Your Professional Story With Sumry!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

The team’s biggest challenge was trying to innovate in an industry that has a strict structure and is absolutely resistant to change. Resumes have had this redundant format for over years now. Sumry is here to let your characteristics and values tell far more than just past places you have worked in. This app is created to urge users to move away from outdated and stuffy corporate processes.

Further, the other big challenge conceptually was taking on websites like LinkedIn from the start. However, fortunately it turns out that people wanted this change and this is what kept the team going.

As far as competition goes, Sumry is heavily independent as the team is trying not to create an environment of conflict and competitors. Instead, they are trying to offer an alternate choice to people who need it. Conceptually however, competitors of this app would include LinkedIn on the resume side of things and on the profile side of things.

On Expansion Plans

In October 2013, the team started rethinking the traditional resume. They weren’t content with letting their resumes just list their past work experience. Thus they expanded it to tell their story — their personality, strengths, fears, passions, etc. The Sumry community has grown to 18,000 users all excited about not having to confine themselves to a traditional 1-page MS Word resume.

“Now, as we’ve grown, we’ve realized that we have just scratched the surface of fixing the root issue: effectively telling your professional story in a quick yet engaging form. We believe that our unique stories contain the power to connect us with companies and other professionals. Many “professional social networks” are just traditional, boring resumes but online. They’re based on meaningless vanity metrics like “500+ connections” and even undermine the authenticity of relationships with one-click endorsements for people we don’t know and skills we’re not sure they possess”, says the team.

The duo collectively believes that people are unique and each possesses a different story.  Sumry is all about telling your tale and growing your real, natural connections. They do not believe in vanity metrics, fake connections or thoughtless endorsements. With this app, the team wants to offer users a trusted professional storyteller that in an awesome way presents people who are looking to advance their careers and showcase their talent.

“We’re currently in the process of redesigning and rebuilding Sumry from ground up. We’re calling it “Sumry 2.0” and it’s coming soon”, further adds the team.

On Target Audience & Monetizing Model

Sumry is for anyone that is tired of using the redundant  one page MS Word resume that presents them like a cog in a machine. Further, in terms of monetizing the app, Sumry currently offers three plans with increasing benefits. However the team is soon simplifying this into just a “pro” version with better pricing and more features.

For more details on Sumry, do make it a point to visit:

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