Testlauncher assures you the best QA testing teams

Quality assurance department in a company has always played a very important role as they tend to make sure that the services and products of the company are of the top quality. However with Testlauncher you can build better solutions a lot faster. Testlauncher is a full-service web and mobile testing company which can fully eliminate the need for a quality assurance department.

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli is a sought out web developer for over 15 years now and has built solutions for around 100 start-ups globally, has sold one of them to Groupon and one sold to National Post. Brett Fox is an adviser who is also part of this venture and has an experience with companies that are worth over 100 million and Jason is part of Dan Martell’s elite entrepreneur current cohort which help accelerate growth from zero to 10k dollars a month over a period of eight weeks. Jason came up with this venture and started it in June 2014 which is currently based in Hamilton, Ontario near Toronto, Canada.

Testlauncher is about helping businesses create amazing online solutions very swiftly without much delay and confusion of any sorts, be it SaaS, e-commerce or anything else. This process involves around 200 testers working towards the necessary solution to all the problems that have been raised or need to be taken care of. Testing is mostly functional but may also include features like usability testing, security testing, load testing, automation and localization testing as well. Testlauncher handles Feed.fm’s QA fully, which by the way is a 1.2 million funded company and they test the app completely before the audience can discover any issues. In the future Testlauncher will be adding plugins and modules to better score and understand your website or app’s health, security and competitive intelligence including monitoring and more.

(c) Testlauncher
(c) Testlauncher

How did you arrive at this idea?

“Most testing solutions focus on just one possible testing solution – either (1) self-serve automated tools which means you must hire someone or spend many hours setting up a testing solution and monitoring it or figuring it out and dealing with false positives (2) crowd testing solutions use very low paid workers offshore usually which are very difficult to manage and get the proper results needed to improve your app (3) specific to usability or other types of testing only. At Testlauncher we at the intersection of all three by offering a full solution incorporating all these testing methods and continue to experiment and figure out new ways of testing our clients to improve our speed and efficiency to keep costs down for our clients.”  Jason Hamilton-Mascioli

The main challenge for them is educate their clients about the savings and the kind of services they offer to the companies. Most of the new start-ups start the QA department and spend almost $300,000 for labour and technology services but with the help of Testlauncher you can bring down that expense to a mere $50,000 and work slowly upwards depending on needs or use on demand type services to become a lot more efficient. They also test uncommon phone found only in Asia and Russia as well.

The costs and time needed to properly manage and test a mobile app or a web application is on the rise and companies need to push product updates changes a lot faster and sometimes it has to be multiple times a day. Testlauncher can provide companies an affordable solution that is scalable and can be deployed easily without any effort at all. Their competitors mostly offer self-serve partly-managed options which require an experienced QA department or a developer who can manage and lead the team, but the biggest problem is the fact that these people are not able to adjust to the agile development processes or use inexperienced labourers from other countries as they don’t cost them much, hence the quality is very less all the quantity of testers is a lot high.

“We are here to challenge companies to create better applications faster than ever to create more revenue and happier customers in less time than ever before.”  Jason Hamilton-Mascioli

Testlauncher is currently doubling their monthly revenue and plan to offer their customers plugins that hook into their free issue tracker cloud based software to further assist their clients with the heath of their app or website and produce analytics such as competitive intelligence or sentiment.

For further details on Testlauncher, visit them on www.testlauncher.com




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