Slack clone software for enhanced Workplace Collaboration

What is Slack?

Slack, an online collaboration tool that let’s you communicate with your team in real-time.

Ever since Slack started, emails have been the only other communication tool that corporate industries and businesses could favor from.

Thanks to Slack. Employees, now have a much simpler, easier and quicker way of communicating. Not only does Slack allow instant text messaging, it also facilitates its users to attach any file or document, create any group and share information with everyone at the same time, schedule meetings, assign works, obtain feed backs on decisions and even make voice and video calls as well.


Slack clone

Slack clone – The clone software enables easy team collaboration by facilitating any organization to quickly setup a group chat or instant messaging platform for their business. Like we mentioned early, emails have a redundant reception when a colleague is away from his desk or in front of his desktop. And that is why, the software comes as both a web version – to keep your employees updated when at work and also as an iOS version that can be installed in their smartphones to keep them connected when they aren’t.

So what does this software provide for industries to prefer it than the traditional emails or the normal and more prevalent instant messaging applications that have several millions of users already?

But what exactly can a software provide that would make corporate industries and other simple businesses prefer it more than the traditional e-mail?


Accessing the software (at both the web and iOS version) requires the users or employees to register at it. And registering at the software doesn’t come as simple as the ones in the instant messaging mobile applications. To register at the software, employees have to verify with their email accounts and have the requirement to be invited through the email delivery API from Mailchimp, Mandrill; that delivers emails in just milliseconds. Yes, the software comes integrated with the best.

Profile Management

When was the last time you sent a mail to that colleague at another floor and awaited a reply for hours? Quite recently? And at a workplace with multiple floors or with branches at different states, this happens very frequently. And as the perfect solution to this, the slack clone software comes with the feature displaying the status of the users – online or not. Users also have the feature to edit all profile details, upload pictures and set then as profile picture and more. All work and no play make it all the more boring doesn’t it? Not just adding profile details, users can edit them as well anytime.

Instant Notifications

Why would you choose a software exclusively for instant team communication if there is no feature that would notify the users and make them aware of the query raised or directed to the employee? The software notifies users on any texts or messages received, files shared at the group chat and also on receiving private messages. No more excuses from your employees or team members where they were unaware of the query you wanted them to clarify. Need no notifications to pop up on your home screen? Users have the feature to disable everything from notifications to online or offline status.

Not only on members’ texts or queries, the software notifies a member on their own activity as well.

Channel or group conversations

The software comes as a complete platform where your employees can personally text or message their colleagues as well as provides provisions where they can create groups like in a normal instant messaging app and have a discussion with all members of the team on a common topic, decide on a plan, discuss the plan and even provide feedback. And since the software provides file sharing features, a member can create any document and share it with their team instantly at the group where members can then provide feedback on the same. Create multiple channels for different teams working on a project and receive updates and monitor their work at anytime. All you have to do is send a text.

When email doesn’t make it easy when you have to search for message or a file shared weeks ago, this messaging tool allows you get your hands on any message or a file shared by any member of the team at the team’s channel or even at the private chat.


Another feature that keeps the software miles ahead of the email. In no doubt, the smartphone era has made the workplace simple and easier to maintain and monitor. With the wide range of mobile apps and tools, employees can complete any assigned task from just their smartphone and tablet computers. And while working on software for all work related activity, it does come mandatory that the software allows easy file sharing from all the tools. Slack clone comes integrated with several tools, from twitter, dropbox, stripe and more and permits integration of several other tools as well.

Unlimited and limited access   

Have a file that only few members of the team can view or edit. No more need to share the file with each of them individually. Users can now just share the file and mention or allow access to only selected members of the team and limit access to the rest. He/she can also limit editing features to just him/her and allow others only to view it.

Every message, every text, document, image and video shared at the software is retained at the software for life and can be viewed at all times.

As a whole package, Slack clone comes as a web version for desktop users and also as a smartphone version for iOS devices. And in addition to coming with the complete source code the software also comes with free upgrades for life.

A platform where every work related activity can be managed monitored and discussed on.  Not something that a business can simply just pass on.

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