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After working for frenzied weekdays, our weekends need to be tranquilized. It is necessary to wonder away from our monotonous lifestyles to sooth our body, mind and soul. Treat yourself with a rejuvenating tour this season.Triptable helps you book tours in your own city. It facilitates an open market of tours and things to do in Latin America. Tours can be purchased directly using smart phones and credit card.

The Team

Ytzvan Mastino and Moises Muñoz are the striving entrepreneurs from Panama. They aspired to sketch-out the best tour booking platform in Latin America. Ytzvan is a Software Developer. Moises is an experienced Booking Agent.

The Imagination

“The idea came when I was traveling in Peru and I was running out of time, but I wanted to take a tour. I spend near 3 hours find things to do in Lima and looking for a trusted tour operator. Now, with Triptable you can book a tour in seconds with the best tour operators in LatinAmerica.”-Ytzvan Mastino, the co-founder and CEO.


The Edge over Others

The tour booking configuration has been incomprehensible and perplexed. Triptable focuses on simplifying the entire complex procedure of tour bookings. “We are turning it into a beautiful, fast and mobile experience.”

In an e-commerce business, trust is a fundamental part of the equation.It is challenging to gain trust from tour operators and potential users.

Competition and Future Plans

The major competition is with TripAdvisor.

The expansion plan is to build a large flourished marketplace for tours and travels across Latin America.

Monetization and Special Offers

The revenue model is based on sales commissions.

The users are offered a discount of 20% on signing-up into the beta launch list.

Travelers and tourists having an elegant taste of destination, Triptable brings it exclusively to delight your inner self.

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