Use MeetingBurner for amazing online meeting and webinar experiences!

Two brothers – John Rydell and Paul Rydell “wanted to shake up the industry by offering a fast, modern, beautiful alternative to the clunky and inefficient online meeting platforms that have dominated for so long.” Hence they founded MeetingBurner, “a blazingly fast online meeting and webinar platform with a superior download-free experience for attendees.” MeetingBurner offers the first completely free, ad-free platform for meetings that have upto 10 attendees and a platform for webinars that have close to 1000 participants at a very affordable cost. “We believe that webinar hosts want their guests to have a great experience, and not have to download or install something every time they attend.” John tells us.

“My brother Paul and I are serial entrepreneurs.” says John. He adds, “Our team develops cutting-edge software and marketing solutions, and has served over 500,000 clients since 2002.” Recalling their journey, John says that when MeetingBurner was launched in 2012, online meetings was already a $5 billion industry and it was dominated by big public companies with resources. “Our challenge was to go up against the Goliaths and show people how much better online meetings can be.” says John.

meeting-burner-screen-sharingMeetingBurner’s platform is cloud-based. The attendees join a meeting in a fraction of time, without having to download or install anything. The platform’s full features are available for a very affordable place or even free of cost.  When asked about competitors. John says, “Although GoToMeeting, Webex,, Google Hangouts offer online meeting and webinar platforms, we believe we offer a better experience for hosts and attendees alike.” Currently, over 100,000 people have a MeetingBurner account! The founders believe that they can “double that in less than half the time it took them to reach that milestone.” They are constantly releasing new features for their platform and are soon set to release an installable fast-launch version, along with powerful conference bridge muting/unmuting solutions to help people manage the audio and sharing aspects of the system.

MeetingBurner works on a freemium model. It has “a forever free plan that is not ad supported.” “In short, we give away a fantastic product for free and win customers on the merits of our platform.” John tells us. Clients who want to host bigger meetings or want additional features such as recording, analytics, VOIP audio and more can upgrade to one of the premium plans. With MeetingBurner Professional, you can host unlimited meetings for upto 50 people for $39.95/month. With the Premier plan, you can host unlimited meetings for upto 1000 people for $99.95/month. “Both plans include a powerful set of features that make webinar planning, promoting, hosting, follow-up a breeze.” says John.

If you are someone who hosts online meetings or conducts webinars for groups of people, you should definitely visit right away!

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