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“I take thee to be my lawfully wedded..”,the holy vows brings in love and companionship that’s going to stay forever. Walking down the aisle is a beautiful and divine moment in one’s life. To mark the day special we run through hell lot of preparations. From that, gracious white dress to inviting the guests, it is a big deal to handle it all. Don’t worry! Wedocracy is here to help you out.

Wedocracy facilitates planning and social networking to make your weddings the ultimate social celebration. The platform brings in excitement, ease and unites the community to plan and attend weddings. Wedocracy saves couples from juggling between multiple apps and offline tools, allowing guests, vendors and the “would be’s” to make the most of their relationships during the engagement and on the day itself.


The Couple Who Made It All

Wedocracy is co-founded by Peter Jacobson and Uchechi Kalu. Peter- the CTO and Uchechi Kalu Jacobson- the CEO are the married. The beautiful pair runs a web development company. They conceptualized Wedocracy to make wedding more social, collaborative and fun.

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson is a Nigerian American Tech Entrepreneur, User Experience Designer and Poet. The couple built Wedocracy to plan their Nigerian-American-Jewish destination wedding in Mexico, and had a blast. She is also the author of Flowers Blooming Against a Bruised Gray Sky (Whit Press, 2006) and her forthcoming book (Resembling the Sea) will be published in 2015. Follow her on Twitter @uchechi_writes.

Peter Jacobson has experience in the web & mobile development, entertainment, and event production worlds. In 2012, his marriage with Uchechi , made him uniquely qualified to build the online system that simplified the planning of their own wedding, and that’s bringing social wedding planning to a tradition-bound industry. He is currently a web developer at Linking Arts, the web development and Design Company he founded more than 10 years ago. You can find him on Twitter @petejacobson

“We searched from great online tools to help us manage wedding logistics and connect our guests and when (to our surprise) we didn’t find any that offered what we wanted, we took our skills in web development and built our own. Once the wedding was over and all the “thank-You’s” sent, we realized our system had made it a breeze for us, and decided to put it out there for the world to use.”


The Wedding Pro!

The current wedding planning focuses on vendor directories. There is no sole  integrated solution, which lets you plan the grand event of your life. Juggling between several apps to figure out the services is infuriating.

Wedocracy makes the whole wedding plan experience  requiescencing  for you. It is an integrated platform that connects all your guests and helps in collaborations (family and friends).It is so simple that even your grandmother will appreciate the idea. Say goodbye to those ten confusing apps!

Being the new players Wedocracy is competing with Appy Couple and The knot. They do not provide all the planning tools, but they are one of the best apps out there. And of course Facebook being the leading social platform, people use it to plan their wedding. Wedocracy integrates with Facebook just to allow you to import your friend list.

It has the potential to be global. Each couple brings 145 (US) guests with them, so the growth latent is huge. Wedocracy has just launched its grand foot into the market. We are waiting for mobile app by 2015 that will make it a game changer! Currently it is planning to bubble new users.


It is Subscription based model! “Instead of building more vendor directories and charging vendors, we’re building great online tools for couples and making them our customers.”

It charges $30 per month for registry and the processing fee. If you are planning a wedding ahead, avail the Valentine’s Day offers for 60 days free subscription

To know more, checkout their website:



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