Why Live Streaming?

Live streaming is simply making an end user in another place or location have access, participate or experience an event or a meeting happening in a completely different location. Live casting or streaming has already influenced the broadcasters well enough and more and more companies and tv channels have taken up video streaming to stream events, meetings and sports ceremonies.


Though requiring a lot of pre-production and setup, it brings a lot of benefits to every business owner or service provider in a cost-effective way.

Service a wide range of audience:

More and more broadcasters have taken to live streaming due to its best feature-ability to reach a wide range of audience even from and to remote areas. With the increase in economy and less time not everyone finds the time to attend every meeting or conference in person or afford to buy tickets to a big game or ceremony. Streaming the event over the internet allows people at various locations have access to the same and saves quite a lot of time; something that does not have an easy way to be compensated.

Money saver:

Live streaming enabling employees and board members to participate in meetings from anywhere and a product update or demonstration to the client can be done from almost anywhere from the world which  helps reduce operational costs for the company or enterprise in terms of travel and accommodation charges. Broadcasting a big event like a sports ceremony or game facilitates anyone across the globe experience the event at a very less cost.

An easy way to connect:

Businesses owners have an easy way to connect to their employers and clients. And with the need to answer every query of the users, it serves an easy and different solution to any broadcaster.

Brand recognition:

Live video streaming eliminates the need to wait in line to register and book a ticket to secure a place to view an event. When the event is streamed live to every user’s device, the ease of access to the event and ability to view it from anyplace, only invites more audience to the event. And a business owner sponsoring the event attains much more brand recognition at no extra cost.

Easy to afford and attain:

With the available technology, it has reached the point where it is the cheapest possible method to broadcast data and with more and more free applications and channels offering to broadcast an event for free or for less charge, streaming and viewing an event over the internet costs much less than it did in its early days of inception.

With its wide range of advantages, the number of businesses interested in it has increased drastically since its inception. Though there are a lot of benefits from live streaming, the operational costs of a broadcaster including the subscription to a channel or software cannot be eliminated.


Castasy, the live streaming software set to be released in the market by June 2015 focuses on eliminating the operational costs. Castasy comes as a software in the best server by far; NGINX-RTMP streaming server. The software is compatible in both iOS and Android platform and it also comes as a website. Purchasing the software, any broadcaster can have their own broadcasting application and website and for a cheap installation charge, the buyer gets expert installation with free life time upgrades.

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