Winegarden Believes That Wine Should Come To You!

Wine is a mood setter! Every celebration you ever have does call for a wine toast. But what happens when you run out of it at that very moment? To save you from this nightmare there is a new app now available on your app store called Winegarden.

This app believes that wine should come to you. Winegarden sets out to provide the best wine shopping experience that not only puts Washington’s finest wines at your disposal, but also leaves little to no time between you and the perfect glass.

White-and-red-vines winegarden

Meet the Mastermind Behind This App!

Winegarden was conceptualized and founded by Titus Kimbowa.

He is a serial entrepreneur with work experiences at Webtuner, Payveris, Rhapsody, Zagat team at Google, Crown Social Agency and TEDxYouth Seattle. His previous stint with entrepreneurship also included starting up an enterprise travel company called myglobalpal.

When Titus is not working, you can either find him playing basketball, reading or hang out around Seattle.

Know Winegarden Better

This app puts Washington’s finest wines at your disposal. Not just that it leaves little to no time between you and the perfect glass. Washington wines are world-class and are slowly making waves across the globe. Through this app, Titus wants to accelerate this trend by providing the best service to every Winegarden customer.

The idea to have an app like this stemmed from the need to have wine delivered at moments notice. Well Winegarden is here to indulge you with on-demand delivery of wine.

winegarden brings wine to you

On Challenges Faces, Competitors, Expansion Plans and More

Like most start-ups, recruiting the right team was the biggest challenge. Also, in terms of competition, Drizly, Instacart, Amazon and other such sites do pose as potential competitors as even they are all doing on-demand delivery of wine at some levels.

Presently, Winegarden is based out of Washington. However, Titus is soon planning on expanding to Los Angeles and New York City.

This app is mainly targeted at wine enthusiasts between the ages 25 to 35. When it comes to monetizing, Titus plans on sticky to the good old delivery charges.

To sum it all up, Winegarden is here to make sure that you never run out of wine ever again. This app practically get the entire Washington winery right at your disposal.

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