10 Best Tech Companies to Work For in 2015!

A big fat paycheck is no longer the sole criteria for ones’ dream job as companies that give employees overall job satisfaction is what always emerges as top favorites among aspiring techies.

As we step into the new year of great possibilities and adventure, here is a list of top 10 best tech companies to work for in 2015. This list has been compiled based on feedback from employees and popular polls.

1. Google

There is a reason why Google still continues to reign the coveted title of the best place to work in by employees. With its world-class benefit schemes to its unmatched compensation, Google has all the right formula to still continue to attract some of the best talents from around the world.

google office

2. Facebook

Oh don’t we all love Facebook! A day without logging into our account seems just so incomplete. Well Facebook apart from being the hot and happening social networking site is also ranked as one of the best tech companies by employees. From video game rooms to free egg freezing for female employees, this company surely knows how to keep its professionals happy.

facebook office

3. F5 Networks

The application delivery network company has everything going for itself to be in the top 10 best tech companies to work for this year. F5 Networks offers employees with highly competitive salaries to great employment benefits. This is surely enough to give the large multi-nationals a definite run for its money.

F5 Network Office

4. Apple

Apple has created a niche for itself in the tech arena. However, this is not the only reason why techies desire to work here. The salary is highly competitive, raise as high as the sky, employee benefits world-class and learning galore. Well what more can an employee ask for?

Apple Office

5. Adobe

Adobe is not just famous for its editing software like Illustrator and Photoshop; these guys are also well known for treating their employees like royalty. This company is desired among techies for many reasons that include a handsome paycheck, relaxed and highly productive work environment, some kick-ass employee benefits and great career growth.


6. Qualcomm

When it comes to career culture, no one has gotten it quite right like the telecommunication giant Qualcomm. With its conducive employee development environment and employee schemes, Qualcomm is surely doing something right to stay desirable among techies from all around the globe.

qualcomm office

7. Zillow

Zillow has been all over the news this last year for its acquisition of Trulia. Nevertheless, among techies this company is known for more than that. Zillow really takes care of its employees and trust us they are amazing at it.

zillow pffice

8. LinkedIn

Happy employees make a successful business and the social networking platform LinkedIn swears by it. Be it free food, company sponsored events, flexible work schedule or professional development training, LinkedIn surely known how to keep its employees satisfied.

LinkedIn Office

9. Mathworks

This mathematics software company has surely found the right equation to employee happiness. Mathworks offers its employees awesome perks, great career opportunities, growth and benefits. After working in its friendly and supportive environment it will surely be hard to work elsewhere.

MathWorks Office


The cloud-based software mogul for the health, fitness and beauty industry most definitely knows how to take care of its employees’ well-being. From monthly wellness vouchers, awesome health benefits to paid time off, MINDBODY treats its employees with utmost care. This quality makes this tech company one of the most desirable workplaces for techies.


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