Best way to approach the investors

Investors are the Gods that breathe into the ideas with money. Most entrepreneurs with the greatest ideas fail to show the investors the actual worth of the bud. Their inkling dies the death of denial by the VCs because the entrepreneurs do it the wrong way. If you have gone through such rejection or preparing to approach an investor, we understand that, your dream is precious and remarkable. The right strike can indeed get the bend straight and persuade the investors.

Dear readers, we spoke to some successful entrepreneurs to bring to you the art to gain favour from the investors.

Find Intelligent Investors

An intellectual investor can be a good advisor as well because he/she has seen many businesses rising and falling. This can be quite a help for the new entrepreneur with good ideas waiting to serve their dreams. Choose the investor that suits your business type. There is an actual danger that an investor who does not understand your space or business can be quite taxing to answer to and might even end up frustrating you to the point of quitting your venture.


The Idea Says It All

To get started, the idea is the key that unlocks the question “Why should I invest.” Many investors are looking for smacking idea that has the potential to leverage money and create colossal turnover. The idea should have the knack to stimulate the instincts of investors.

Deliver your idea to show more of their benefits by merging your dream to theirs. Your idea should broaden their vision and tempt them to join your cause.

Total Addressable Market

“The TAM is important for new projects. It says about your targeted customers in the market. This determines the revenue opportunity for the idea. It prioritizes the scope for the business by analysing a quick metrics of primary prospects of the business,” said an entrepreneur.

Execution of the Idea

Investors defy the execution process. On demanding their money, the investors ask the entrepreneurs to prove the efficiency so far. This includes the team size, skill set available at hand, using the available resource smartly. This would create a sense of confidence in the investor to have faith on your work.


Negotiating on the Term Sheet

The term sheet is a legitimate document between the founders and the investors. This document acts as an agreement on terms and condition upon which the parties have consented.  There is hours of negotiation behind the term sheet. So invest your time and get things the way you want it!

Unveil the Information                                                                  

The founders advised, not to keep secrets regarding the past history, blunders, business strategies or future plans from the investors. They are like doctors and advocates to whom all the felonies have to be confessed. Sharing a pleasant bond with investors can build the way for the success.

Now get up, dust yourself and get ready to give a kickass presentation because confidence is your virtue and armour!




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