Classic&Exotics Inc, Lets You Rent Your Dream Classic Car!

New age sports cars are flashy and sleek but there is something so romantic, vintage and rustic about classic and exotic cars. These old age heroes have style, debonair and all the good looks. Honestly, I would surely fall head over heels for the guy who picked me up on our first date in a classic 1967 Chevy Impala or a Ford Mustang than a super stretched out limousine.

If you are someone who owns one of these classic beauties then hold onto it with your dear life as such exotic cars are hard to come by. But if you don’t, then do not worry as we come bearing good news. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to Classic&Exotics, Inc. This is a new startup in town that lets you rent your dream car. Not just that; it is a platform that also allows car owners to charter their classic four-wheel drive to highly qualified and trusted renters so that they can balance out their ownership costs.

Classic&Exotics Inc, Lets You Rent Your Dream Classic Car!

Meet The Dynamic Duo!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Peter Zawadzki and Michael Sakkas, Classic&Exotics Inc. lets you drive around town in classic and exotic cars. Peter and Michael are die hard car guys and through their startup they want to bring the experience of driving these amazing cars to the masses.

The Oomph Factor!

Classics&Exotics is the nation’s premiere classic and exotic car rental marketplace that brings the “sharing economy” into the car enthusiast’s garage. Classic and exotic car aficionados can now offset their car ownership costs by renting their cars to pre-screened and highly qualified renters.

Every rental includes up to $1 million in insurance protection and access to the most comprehensive full-service roadside program designed specifically for classic and exotic cars. Whether a person is looking for a 1956 Chevrolet BelAir for a nightout in the city or a 1979 Ferrari 308 for a drive down the coast, Classics&Exotics is looking to connect owners with renters. What makes this platform even more awesome is the fact that it is free to join with no costly membership fees.

The Problems This Platform is Solving!

The main issue is high cost of acquisition, cost of ownership and lack of use. The solution Classics&Exotics, Inc offers is a simple one; if your cars just sitting there why not make it available to others to help offset costs and grow the classic car community and hopefully foster a new generation of enthusiasts.

The Driving Force!

“As an owner of a couple classic cars, I realized they sit unused for most of the time. I would love to be able to rent them out and have them start not only paying for themselves but also help me fund some upgrades and possibly help me add to my collection. I want to find something that would help me “support my habit”. When I couldn’t find such a platform, I decided to make one myself”, says Peter.

Classic&Exotics Inc, Lets You Rent Your Dream Classic Car!

On Road Blocks & Contenders!

As the team was dealing with a niche market, putting together the right partners and insurers to create the right team was a big challenge for them. They wanted to make sure owners and renter fell 100% secure.

In terms of competition, the existing Niche rental firms who deal with this market do pose as potential contenders. But instead of looking at them as competition, the duo looks at them as customers. The team’s aim is to not only be the AirBnB for classic and exotic cars but also a platform allowing existing rental firms to list their vehicles and reach new clients

On The Journey Ahead & Intended Users!

“We are planning on a nationwide launch starting this spring and would love to bring the experience of driving these great cars to a new audience”, says the team. At the moment, Classic&Exotics is mainly targeted at car enthusiasts, collectors, and fringe car people.

The Monetizing Plan!

Presently, the team charges a 35% commission on each rental. This 35% helps secure all the insurance costs, roadside service and platform support. They also charge a 10% fee to the renter to cover processing costs and verifications.

In short, if you are a classic and exotic car owner or someone who aspires to take these beauties for a spin, then do check Classic&Exotics, Inc. out!!

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