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Creative agencies play a very vital role in creating the brand identity of a company and offer many other services at the same time that would benefit a company in the long run. Jumpinggoose is one such creative agency which is started by two entrepreneurs based in Bangalore.

Piyush Bhandari and Tuhin Roy are the founders of this venture and both of them are very passionate about design and anything that is creative. The duo first met during their corporate stints with leading companies in fashion and retail giants. After having suffered during the global financial meltdown, the duo decided to take a positive spin to this setback and come up with something new and unique, thus giving birth to Jumpinggoose.   The duo had met up with nationwide design giants during their corporate stints and felt that the design services rendered were too mechanical, stretched, rigid and stereotyped, this is why the duo wanted to move away from the conventional methods and offer something that is unique and has a different approach to how things can be done.

The love for design and hunger to do something new made them come up with the idea of Jumpinggoose which would be a fresh, new age, fast track and customized approach to designs and creatives. Jumpinggoose today is one of the few design firms that offer a creative background to all clients regardless of their size and take up arms with businesses of all domains and beliefs, from start-ups to heavyweights across the world. Jumpinggoose caters to various sectors across industries and also to design needs such as Brand Identity, Space Design, Communication Design, Packaging Design and also Product Design. They believe in creating truly compelling custom crafted solutions that are designed to penetrate and enrich consumer’s lives.

Jumpinggoose has been crafted with a vision to offer complete “peace of mind” to all its companions. At Jumpinggoose they believe in redefining these experiences with design as a tool with key anchors of: tailor made service experiences, highest professional standards, flexible engagement models, transparent and ethical practices, on time delivery and all this with a human touch. The team of Jumpinggoose would love to call themselves as an Idea Tree, providing cutting edge design solutions across domains of apparel/product design, brand building and many more.

(c) Jumpinggoose
(c) Jumpinggoose

How did you arrive at this idea?

“Our experiences during our corporate stints made us realize the dearth of professional design services and experiences. We believed, it is not about taking right decisions but about taking decisions and making them right for you. So we decided to get down and bring about micro changes to make macro look good and hence started with crafted a pro design counter culture.” – Piyush Bhandari

Jumpinggoose has a unique format that delivers services from concept, design and execution which is rare and hence the business format itself is radical. The biggest hurdle for them was the market, industry and consumer conservative mind set toward design.

Jumpinggoose has a lot of plans for the future like that of opening up their Design studios in Mumbai and Jaipur and to expand design and creative service offerings to fast growing unexplored industries like food, hospitality and more. They also are planning on a research and development centre with a hunger to craft world class fashion and lifestyle products to further all their existing clients and the industry at large. Goosebums, a quirky lifestyle product brand is also set for a launch 2016-2017.

“Things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling!” – Piyush Bhandari

For more details on Jumpinggoose, visit them on www.jumpinggoose.com


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