Fundraise Your Ideas With ‘Designbook’

Starting a business is encumbering, from fundraising to finding an appropriate team everything needs just more that the efforts. Considering this fact, most ideas are as good as the passing winds, never get to see its dawn.

Designbook makes way for the ignited entrepreneurs, collaborators and investors to facilitate each other. It is platform that convenes the business minds, where the bright ideas can be teamed, funded and shaped to its best with the whiz kids.

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Introducing The Co-Founders

Aaron Pollack and Kyle Clark share a unanimous vision to pool funding resources for potential business idea. The duo is  into product development engineers and have proved to be  successful entrepreneurs.

In July of 2014, they set out to originate an online platform that brings people together to efficiently start product based  businesses. Designbook is the result of a vision for a new economy, a freelance economy, which eliminates traditional hierarchies and inefficiencies in the fundraising and equity transfer processes.

“At Designbook we are developing a platform that enables idea generators, creators and makers to transparently transfer equity for participation, resulting in a share of benefits for all collaborators upon the successful launch or sale of the business”.

The Resourceful Idea

Kyle Clark, won an award for his senior thesis at Harvard, which proposed to revolutionize the pilot-aircraft interface and build a full motion simulator to prove the concept but he couldn’t design and build a new experimental aircraft solely. He obviously needed passionate, specialized collaborators.

Kyle pitched the concept of equity crowd-sourcing. Aaron who never ceases to think big said
“Clark, you’re thinking too small, I love the idea, but what your are describing is applicable to ANY business based on complex product development!”. Together they envisioned the inklings and the new airplane found its wing to fly.


 Why Use Designbook?

Designbook brings in the established innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs and collaborators to  accomplish the business ideas.

Entrepreneurs can get equity financing from a ‘crowd’ of investors, collaborators have the opportunity to trade their skills, time and ideas for equity in businesses, while investors can diversify their portfolio and invest in businesses during the first round of financing.

It does so by providing a platform for efficient solicitation of needs, a vetting/reputation process and a mechanism for secure transfer of equity. It also offers documents for open solicitation and crowd-funding. To add to the advantages it assembles  brokerage, ongoing reporting and filing services to companies lucratively funded.

Making The Change Possible

The biggest challenge is changing the mental inertia in the business world. As newbie’s it is grueling to prove the concept to the creators, makers, collaborators and investors that the new economy is more efficient and holds a higher probability for success.

Designbook is rational application where an innovator can meet the collaborators and investors. It is designed insightfully to align the passions and complementary skills. It facilitates transparent equity exchange with the app managing vesting schedules, reporting and filing and doing all this super economically.

“Competitors are our opportunity. We face competition from companies who offer collaborative-based crowd-sourcing, donation or rewards-based crowd-funding or equity-based crowd-funding from accredited investors. These companies are focused on ‘get funding’ while our model is sustainable, profitable, endeavors”.

A Map To The Future

Over the next two months, the platform will be hosted online for live judging, scoring and feedback to get several hundred start-ups, collaborators and potential investors acclimated to the site.

By March it’s launching our equity crowd-funding modules for Reg D offerings. In May the Designbook product will be hosted based business competition rewarded with cash prize. After the SEC releases Reg A+, it roll right into real, interstate equity crowd-funding.


Monetizing it

Designbook will receive a percentage of the total funds raised from businesses that meet their investment goals by acting as the broker as defined by the SEC to host an equity transaction.

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