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Hashtago is a hashtag data processing platform founded by Andrew Lytvyn, Artem Pochepetskyi and Andrew Volovyk. Andrew Lytvyn, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with experience in offline and online business and exit story at the age of 23. Andrew is an idea author and the one who brought our team together. Artem, Marketing guy, has about 7 years experience in managing various advertising projects including last 4 in digital. Artem was responsible for cooperation with clients like McDonalds, Diageo, Citroen, B.A.T. etc. Andrew Volovyk is a unique and very talented guy who combines data science knowledge, front-end development and impressive UX\UI skills. He executed tons of digital projects as a freelancer and in-house designer in various startups.


Recently, they have launched hashtag marketing analytics service for brands and agencies to understand deeper Big Data behind social media. The tool named #Tracker gets social media posts from all major services with a specific hashtag and shows main marketing indicators like engagement rate, reach, related hashtags, most influencers and many others.
The idea for this project was born when they were looking for a proper way to organize in-site content and suddenly realized the power of hashtags and the vision of their role in further digital communication development.

When asked about what their biggest challenge was, Artem says, “We had to define the exact product from the big “Hashtag-marketing” idea. First we were very excited to spot the trend but it was very hard to understand what the product should be. We had many different concepts on how to use hashtags in digital promotion but they all had technical or other implementation issues. So, it took us few month of research and customers interviews to finally build Hashtago MVP.

Today, hashtag analytics tool is essential for marketers of businesses of all sizes. Users posts 100 million posts with hashtags every day and it is time that we adopted the brand’s marketing strategy in analyzing this data. Services that are used by marketing specials, now treat the hashtags as mentions but they form the whole network of content connected to a brand. Using #Tracker brand can bring its social media activity to a new level. Knowing the data about the hashtags we can empower marketing reports, improve advertisement campaigns planning, perform competitors reviews, understand target audience lifestyle and get links to biggest influencers profiles to communicate with them.


Their main competitors are major social media analytics tools (Social Bakers, Brainwatch etc.) and specific hashtag-analytics like hashtagify.me, topsy.com (Acquired by Apple), Zipline by poptip.com – https://poptip.com/capabilities/zipline/ and keyhole.com.


While talking about expansion plans and future projects, Artem tells us “We are now focused on the goal of reaching 1000 paying customers. We’ll go ahead to become number one hashtags analytics tool in marketers minds. We also have a side-project – FFEEDD (ffeedd.hashtago.com) which is a plugin for any website to turn hashtags into live social media feeds. We plan to launch it soon and to check the demand.”

Their target audience are advertising agencies and brand managers whose product promotion strategy strongly rely on social media.

How can they monetize it? It’s simple. Users can preview analytics for free and get advanced analytics for $10 per one hashtag for month. They’ve made pricing plans very clear and simple.

With people using hashtags on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc, Hashtago has got a huge platform to run its business successfully and it is sure to make a huge profit.

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