iTENS- A wireless, smart electrical nerve stimulator to treat pain

In today’s stressful world, working round the clock is the norm and that means spending less time in healing our bodies. Activities, like sitting long durations of time in front of a laptop and running to catch the metro, can be taxing to your back and calf muscles respectively. We, therefore, become susceptible to a wide range of body pains and aches. To relieve the pain, we tend to take painkillers that are harmful in the long run. Brighteye Innovations, a US-based company involved in the electrotherapy field for over 15 years and developing a wide range of medical devices has come up with iTENS, a gadget that would help in relieving the body pain without the usage of medication.

While Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has been there for quite some time, it involved several wires and large devices. But iTENS is the first app-based wireless device that comes with an FDA approval. The device utilizes a patent-pending ultra-thin, multi-layer wing structure that is fully flexible, thereby allowing you to apply the device to specific pain areas. It comes with a silver conductive surface that would provide an unmatched quality of stimulation, unlike conventional TENS devices that generally feel prickly and sharp. Thereby, it can be worn discreetly under the clothes at any point of time and place without having the need to set things up.


The device can easily be applied on the pain areas with the help of gel pads. These peel and stick gel pads are reusable for multiple applications and can be replaced when they lose their stickiness. The reusable gel pads are made of the highest quality gel available and due to the design of the device, the cost of replacing the used gel pads is quite low. The device can be easily connected to any of the Android or iPhone app and can be used to adjust the settings as per the requirement. The app also has the option of connecting multiple iTENS devices and control the settings simultaneously.

The main screen of the app controls the power and the intensity of the device. There is a total of four modes in the app. The Body Part Mode lets you select the program based on the affected body part. The Condition Mode lets you select the program based on the condition of the body pain. The Manual Mode lets you toggle the frequency, pulse width, and waveform of the stimulation. Favourite Mode gives you quick access to the saved programs that were used in previous instances. The device is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that runs for 24 hours on a single charge. iTENS is available in three different variants:

  1. Small Wings: Useful for small treatment areas like ankles, wrists, elbows, etc.
  2. Large Wings: Useful for large treatment areas like shoulders and back.
  3. Long Strip: Useful for areas having tendons.

Josh Lefkovitz, President and Owner of Brighteye Innovations says that the journey to develop a successful, working gadget was an uphill task. “It was a difficult task to develop a new product that is app-enabled, overcome various global compliance hurdles by obtaining approval from national medical compliance measures like FDA, Health Canada, CE and also to adhere to Wireless/Bluetooth compliance protocols.”, he said.

They are currently looking out for funds so that they can reach out to more consumers and venture into retail partnerships. They intend to target consumers who experience nerve and muscle pain.

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