Commuter-friendly app MileCatcher wants to streamline your travel experience

Vehicular traffic is one of the most annoying part of commuting, anybody who’s ever been stuck in a traffic jam will completely agree with me.

To solve the problem of spending time in traffic and to make driving safer a team of five with varied backgrounds came together to create this app called as MileCatcher.


They are a team of 5 with varied backgrounds and a rich background in sensor and applications for drivers. The founder Lars Boesen, has worked for over 25 years at notable companies such as at Apple, HP and Microsoft in sales, business development and licensing. They are based out of Seattle, USA.

After sensing an opportunity to develop smartphone drivers’ apps without the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic Hardware Dongles. They developed MileCatcher.

MileCatcher logs all the trips that you’ve taken in the app and allows you to categorize it. It also makes it easier to track your daily commute, expenses and provides traffic data.

The app also has more features which send out alerts when the speed limit is exceeded, accelerated too fast/braked too hard.

The app targets drivers and also the companies the drivers work for and those companies which sell services to drivers. With competitors like MileIQ – (which was recently sold to Microsoft), and Zubie both are which dongle based driving platform. MileCatcher is becoming increasingly popular. So, if you are someone who commutes a lot for work and personal reasons then MileCatcher is an incredible app for you.

Download the app here:

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