‘My Lead Guru’ – The Newly Lead Management Tool!

Media attention is the mighty weapons for speakers, authors, and experts to build their credibility. If media spotlight is what you want, there are some great lead sources out there. But be warned, keeping up with those leads is indeed challenging.

My Lead Guru is a super-simple way to electronically scan your emails to help you stay on top of just the leads that matter to you. The service will scan each incoming message, parse, extract information, and make it a snap to sort through by filtering your leads.

Bryan Caplovitz, the sole founder of ‘My Lead Guru’ is a seasoned entrepreneur with an experience of over 25 years in software development. He always seeks to handle simple ways to handle clutter. Everything developed by him so far has been with an eye on improving efficiency where others have either overlooked or avoided tackling the challenge.

Projects designed by him over the past decade have been offshoots of the biggest property, SpeakerMatch- the only online job board for speakers and stands as world’s largest speaker bureau. The focus is on developing tools and services for experts, authors, and speakers.


“I wanted to build a smart parser that could scan each message for desired content so that it became quick and painless to find and respond to relevant leads.”

The biggest hurdle is finding customers to the service that doesn’t come from the network of customers.

Be it a typical subscriber or a PR lead service, they gets dozens of leads flushing into their inbox every day. They manually scan each email for leads to which they wish to respond. For each response, they open a new email and respond with a personal message to the media contact. The process is obviously sluggish and tedious!

‘My Lead Guru’, sends notification only when an appropriate leads have been identified. Now responding to a lead is just few clicks away. It sends the complete Online Media Kit to the media contact punched with a personal message.

My Lead Guru is a simplified tool. The innovation is least in PR services. However, My Lead Guru is just one of many properties Simply Speaking, Inc. has launched.

“We continue to look for areas in which we can help authors, speakers, and experts with tools and services, which make complex, difficult, or avoided tasks easier.”, stated Bryan Caplovitz.

Its services are recurring subscription-based models. The revenue is generated on every service from its initial launch onward.

Speakers, authors and experts from any subjects are the potential user of ‘My Lead Guru’.

Readers, the offer is “50% off an Annual Subscription,” it valid  till February 25, 2015. Use code: SAVEHALF

To know more, checkout the website: https://myleadguru.com/



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