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With the fostering of the employees, team collaboration is the major concern for all the leaders. Its visible how team collaboration software has taken the yoke for providing a conjoint platform for teamwork. These tools solve issues of getting up from the desk or making a call for the work to be done. The user can witness the progresses from anywhere. The best part is, the team members can get what they need from their colleagues instantly. Working can get so much comfortable with these tools.

 Yammer by Microsoft

It is a private social network for office, where the team can post their work updates and share files across different division of the company. The chat module connects the realm instantly to communicate and collaborate. It is one of the most widely used tools for team collaboration, so far. It provides Microsoft framework integration such as Office 365, SharePoint and more. Like every other social network, it allows the employees to like the posts, tags other colleagues, publish content etc.

Google Apps for Business

 Google App gives a free rein to the other web application evocative of office-suite software such as Microsoft’s Word and Excel. It’s most potential feature is cloud-computing capabilities that allows remote access to files from wherever possible. The added advantage of using Google Apps for Business is that the users experience a ceaseless and integrated platform. It smoothly swings the users across different mobile devices, browsers, and computers.

The tool’s forte is that the users can view, create, and revise text documents, spread sheets and presentations offline. They can host live video and commence chat meetings via Hangouts. Google App for business handles advanced data management and information-governance means with Google Apps Vault.

Four employees gathered around a digital tablet --- Image by © Neil Guegan/Image Source/Corbis
Four employees gathered around a digital tablet — Image by © Neil Guegan/Image Source/Corbis

Intuit QuickBase

It is completely based on cloud workspace, which helps the team to collaborate exactly how they want it to be. It lets businesses to develop custom-made apps to collaborate on data and automate tasks and workflows. The users can also create graphical dashboards and interactive reports and share them instantly with other colleagues. QuickBase solves a wide range of business problems like project management, CRM, timecard and expense tracking, order tracking and operations. is for creative heads who can contemplate their imaginative instinct using a visual platform. Assembling and sorting ideas in the form of digital “sticky notes” may be ideal for any media organization. It uses large HTML5 drawing board which is compatible for design-oriented. This tool encourages employees to brainstorm on their ideas from all parts of the sphere. It enables the user to type or draw the ideas on a resizable screen using images, links etc. Other employees can vote on ideas in a digital fresco. The tool enables tracking changes across diversified users.


Trello is absolutely a free app! Trello has a pinboard interface where the users can scribble down daily tasks on digital notecards. These notecards can be easily formed into customizable lists of information like deadlines, comments, file attachments etc. Trello’s features the ability to cast a vote on cards and assign cards to team members. The cards can be customized with labels and tags. The users can browse for the cards using filters such as keywords.

Team collaboration tools can increase the productivity and lets the conversation flow through the team member. If your employees are still working isolators, give them a reason to collaborate. There are so many tools, that can help your team to stay tuned to the workplace. So which one is yours?

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