Wingder makes it easier to find a wingman

Fabian Baier, is a young entrepreneur from Germany who recently completed his MBA at Hult International Business School. Even more recently Baier founded Wingder, a location-based social discovery app that facilitates communication between mutually interested groups. While eliminating social awkwardness and the pressure of meeting new people, Wingder is the next big thing when it comes to social apps!


How does Wingder help you?

Wingder facilitates communication between people with similar interests. It helps you foster your social relations with your existing friends – by selecting a Wingman/Wingwoman – to find new people (together), similar to double dating aka a double meetup or “Wingders”. By having a friend as your wingman or woman you are able to share the experience. Wingder is really the social glue in all types of relationships whether it be for double dating, setting up double tennis matches, hanging with the guys, planning a fun girls night out, meeting other couples for drinks etc. This is what makes Wingder different from all the other online social apps out there.

Wingder is a fun new way to meet people right at your fingertips. Based on location the app filters out people who ‘like’ you and your wingman/woman. “online (mobile) dating is huge, but people are frustrated. Matches online have a low meet up rate in the real world. People have therefore become discouraged by the lack of quality and follow through of their matches and thus have an ADHD approach to online dating” according to Baier. With Wingder, Baier is giving us a solution to the people matching problem. Double dates between mutually interested groups, or group-to-group interaction is more social and less intimidating that one-on-one interaction. Wingder’s method lets users connect among friends and makes real world meetings easier. The app itself is user-friendly as it is optimized for simplicity but does not compromise privacy.

Connecting users with other users through location based technology has steadily increased in popularity since Foursquare was founded in 2009 and many others such as Tinder are taking up various aspects of social discovery. Social discovery is becoming a trend and the market for it is huge. This is where Baier stepped in with Windger, as he saw an opportunity to implement his idea. He goes on by saying that “most apps are complicated and provide a bad user experience, believe me, I know. Our focus at Wingder is doing this one thing right. We analyzed the existing apps and found a solution. An easier way to enhance consumer experience, and lets face it, it’s all about the experience”. This entrepreneur plans to create a safe and respectful community where monetizing is secondary. It is all about creating an enjoyable experience for the user. “We want to help improve the way people socialize, so for now we aren’t about charging money for it. Connecting people is reward enough”, Baier said.

Wingder, select a friend and give it a go!


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