‘BioBeats’ Miraculously Transforms Your Heartbeats To Music

Sir Terry Pratchett rightly stated about Technology, “It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” Time has come when technology is redefined to express human emotions. Earlier, we used technology to lessen the human effort now the technology is moving towards understanding the mankind by using the biometric data from our body. BioBeats is just the start of a remarkable revolution.

BioBeatslive stands among 100 best start-ups in LA. The app ‘BioBeats‘, engenders music from the sole heartbeats. It is a new Adaptive Media technology that responds to physiologic data and learn from how you interact with them, to help people live more engaging, healthier lives. It understands your stress better!

The Magnificent Idea!

Nadeem Kassam-Founder of Basic Science
Davide Morelliyour-Music Scientist/ Composer
David Plans-Doctor

These entrepreneurs co-founded the splendid BioBeats. In 2012, David Plans (VP Product) and Davide Morelli (VP Engineering) pitched their ideas to Nadeem Kassam about sonification and visualization of brain waves by using a custom-built headset and an iPhone.

Nadeem could foresee the potential to use heart data to create and influence experiential music. He also confirmed the long-term vision, “To merge healthcare and entertainment”.

“We have won several awards (the Spotify hackathon Echonest Prize at SXSW and recently £25K from the Digital Innovation Contest – Clinical Excellence put on by I C Tomorrow)”.

Planning Ahead

The app embarks upon the lack of motivation, which many suffer from, to stand up frequently during the day (which included pretty much everyone with a desk job).

Applications that deals with activity tracking, playing music at walking / running pace like Moves app, Rock My Run, Jog.fm, and Tempo are competition for BioBeats. The next big challenge is a consumer facing app (http://getonupapp.com) which will get BioBeats into the market.


For monetization, The iPhone / Android app will be free to use but will require a monthly subscription to use advanced features.

For ‘Startup dope readers’, you can avail a free year subscription.

To know more,visit: http://biobeats.com/


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